My Labor Experience

Well here’s the post everyone’s been waiting for. I’m going to start from the very beginning:

At 41 weeks, Jacob and I started doing everything, literally EVERYTHING, to induce my labor. From eating spicy food, going on bumpy rides every single day, walking until my feet felt like they would fall off (BTW I didn’t swell during my entire pregnancy because I drank plenty of water), doing the dirty, acupressure, massages, bananas, yoga, stripping my membranes (twice!), whatever you can think of, we did it, and NOTHING WORKED. So my conclusion on inducing labor based on my personal experience is that nothing can induce labor, your baby comes whenever he/she decides to come.

I was scheduled to be induced Monday morning, and as much as I was opting not to be induced, I was going to let them because one, it would be safer for the baby not to exceed 42 weeks in utero, and two I would be more than ready at that point for Natalia to be here. Fortunately my water finally broke the Friday afternoon prior to my induction date. At first I wasn’t sure if it broke or not, so I asked my mom what it felt like. She said it feels like you’re uncontrollably peeing on yourself. Soon after that, about 15 minutes, I was confirmed of my water breaking because liquid started pouring out, lol. I didn’t call the Doctor nor did I go to the hospital. I waited until I started having contractions 5-10 apart for an hour like my doctors instructed, which didn’t happen until 18 hours later. Bad idea for me to not go in right away because of the risk of infection, but how was I supposed to know? This is my first time having a baby, and BOTH of my GYN’s told me not to come in until I started having contractions. There was no mention of my water breaking. And since I’m totally healthy, I didn’t think there was any reason for me or my baby to develop an “infection”. According to what I researched, the vaginal exams are what cause infections in the first place, which makes complete sense to me.

So the next morning around 6am I started having mild contractions, then they increased in pain and decreased in time apart, so by 8 am Jacob and I were on our way to the hospital. When we got there the nurses asked me if my water broke & I told them yes it did, yesterday afternoon. They all looked at me like I was crazy and asked why I waited so long to come in. I told them that I didn’t feel the need to come in because everything seemed fine and that my Doctor told me not to come in until I was having contractions, so I was simply following instructions. Well, when they started my IV they told me they were going to start me on antibiotics. In shock I asked “for what?” And the nurse said “the GBS that you’re positive for”. I was in total disbelief and said “excuse me, but what in the world are you talking about?” She explained to me that I was positive for Group B Strep, (the test they give you when you’re 36 weeks) and that the baby has been swimming in infected amniotic fluid for the entire time since my water broke. GBS (Group B Strep) is a bacteria that is carried by both men and women, that does not affect adults but can be very harmful for unborn babies, which is why pregnant women ate tested for it at 36 weeks. Men will never know if they have it or not because they will never be tested for it since they obviously can’t get pregnant. Well when I took the test, nothing was ever mentioned about it after that, so I assumed I was negative. I would expect a Doctor to tell you the results of your tests, ESPECIALLY if you’re positive for it, don’t you?! So yeah, I was carrying this infection and had no idea about it. I was infuriated by this new found information because now my baby is at risk. If I would’ve known about this infection, I would’ve been at the hospital the day before when my water broke.

Anyways, once your water breaks you have 24 hours to get the baby out or it can become something serious. So I had 6 hours to deliver my daughter and I was only 2 cm dilated (and have been for two weeks!). They started me on pitocin right away. 2 hours later they checked my cervix to find that I was still only 2 cm dilated, so a c-section was the final decision. At first I wanted to cry because I felt cheated out of my wanting for a natural delivery since I was never informed about this infection that could be potentially fatal to my unborn daughter. I also was not so phsyched about having such a dramatic surgery, especially since I’ve never had surgery of any kind. I asked the nurses if they had c-sections and even asked if I could see their scars because I also wasn’t very excited about having such a large scar on my belly. One of the young nurses showed me not her scar because it was so low, but pulled her shirt up just to show me that the scar was below her panty line. I couldn’t even see it! And she was so skinny you wouldn’t even be able to tell that she had a baby, and she had 2! So that made me feel A LOT better about it. So on we went with the procedure.

They had me fill out all kinds of forms and explained to Jacob and I what would be happening. He had to change into scrubs so he could be there with me while the doctors carried me into the operation room so they could numb me from the waist down. They gave me a spinal anesthetic that literally took 5 seconds to kick in. I felt a rush of a numbing sensation that actually felt really good, lol! I felt very shaky though shortly afterwards which I didn’t like too much. Also, the shot they gave me was a MUCH smaller needle than that of the epidural, which I was very happy about because that was the very reason I had decided I wasn’t going to have an epidural if this would’ve happened naturally.

They cut me open and tugged, pushed and pulled (which I could feel a lot of although it didn’t hurt, it was just a lot of pressure) and then out came the baby, 7lbs. and 14oz. of her. About a minute later I heard her first cry and was in tears at the amazing sound that I had waited 9 long months to hear. Jacob cried with me and we were both very happy. However, because she was infected, they took her from us right away. I got to see her and kiss her cheek before she left and dad asked to see her hair because she was wearing a cap. When they took it off, we were amazed to see a head full of dark hair, just like I dreamed about!

So they took me to the recovery room while we waited to hear from the doctor’s what was going on with Natalia. Now there are a lot of details to what was happening between the surgery and the end, so I’m just going to make the long story short: The doctors were concerned about her breathing patterns. They ran blood tests and white blood cell tests which came back triple the amount of what was normal, meaning that her body was already building white blood cells to fight off whatever infection she had. They were also concerned about some “seizure-like episodes” that she was supposedly having which made the nurses decide to transfer her to Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville because they were a small town hospital that did not have all the tools needed to run the tests they wanted her to have. They weren’t sure what she was doing because she’s a  newborn, hence their wanting to run tests just to make sure she was acting normal. I was completely devastated because the doctors made it seem like she was having all these problems, they even mentioned a possibility of meningitis. I cried so hard and asked “what are they going to do to my baby?!” Jacob tried his hardest to keep his composure because I was so upset about everything and then he broke down and started crying with me.

Natalia went through so much in the first days of her life in the outside world. She IV’s since she was born, she had all kinds of tests run on her, she had MRI’s she had her spine tapped, all kinds of bullshit. I know that they were just trying to be on the safe side, but what new mom wants to see her first baby go through all this trauma?! Anyways, in the end Natalia was completely fine. They ran all these tests just to find nothing wrong with her. She just had an infection and the antibiotics they started me on before the surgery killed it just in time. So we went through all this heartache for nothing. It was very crazy. We ended up being in the hospital for 5 days before finally bringing her home.I was in the hospital for 3 days recovering from the surgery. They transferred Natalia on my second day of recovery so I couldn’t even go to the hospital to be with my baby until the next day. Jacob had to drive from Lake City to Jacksonville, back to Lake City to pick me up, back to Jacksonville so we could be at the hospital every day and then finally back to Lake City so we could come home, and then he had to drive back so he could go home, lol! Lots and lots of driving.

At the end of the day, there were a lot of lessons learned from this entire experience. Although it was scary, it was very worth it and I am happy to say that I am a new mom to a very happy and healthy baby girl. According to her pediatrician she eats better than the average baby for her size and is growing at a great rate. She is such a good baby, hardly ever cries unless she needs something. She is always very content and has such a well-developed personality already. She’s definitely mommy and daddy’s little diva girl!

I also would like to mention that my perspective about c-sections have dramatically changed since I underwent the surgery. I actually prefer to have the c-section because I didn’t have to feel any pain WHATSOEVER, everything went by so quick it was unbelievable. The entire procedure took a total of 55 minutes. No contractions, no pain, GREAT pain meds during and afterwards lol, and my little girls head did not get squished and my vagina didn’t rip! The scar is barely noticeable, looks like a pen line just below my bikini line and nobody will ever be able to see it unless I show them, which means I can still wear my bikini this summer! Best of all, this entire event brought me and Jacob closer together and he loves me more now than ever before since having to be there with me and watching me go through all of this craziness. I definitely want to share my story because I think it’s well worth mentioning to people. Always prepare for the worst because you never know what’s going to happen, and always be optimistic about negative things that you have no control over because they are not always as bad as they seem.

Today my baby girl is 2 weeks and 3 days old and she is making the cutest “ooh” and “ahh” sounds, she picks her head up all by herself to look around because she wants to see everything, she will NOT fall asleep without being held, so she’s already spoiled, lol! (Thanks Jacob!)

One more thing I want to add before I conclude my super long birth story; because Natalia was taken from me right from the beginning, we didn’t get to experience the first bonding of mother and baby to establish breastfeeding, which is essential! And I am completely against giving my baby formula for several reasons. One because I’m pro-natural, two because I don’t feel that formula gives babies everything they need like breast milk does, three because of all the side effects that come from formula fed babies that I’ve researched, such as being more prone to obesity and becoming sick with diseases, and four because although the formula feeds the baby for longer periods of time (formula fed babies eat 6-10 times a day vs. breastfed babies eat 8-12 times a day) which means the formula “sits” in their stomachs and that just reminds me of McDonald’s food which is totally gross in my opinion. I already decided I wanted to breastfeed exclusively. Well since I didn’t get to breastfeed for the first week, I didn’t establish a good milk supply, so I couldn’t produce enough milk to feed my baby. Not only that but the doctors shoved bottles and pacifiers in my newborn baby’s mouth which pissed me the **** off! If they needed to syringe feed her then okay, but I was not about the pacifiers or bottles because of nipple confusion. So Natalia had a difficult time latching on for the first week and a half of our being together. It was making me sore and I was to the point where I was about to just give up all together. But then I decided “screw that!” I’m not going to give up because I WANT this for my baby, so I’m going to MAKE SURE it happens, no matter what it takes. If I have to breastfeed her every half hour then so be it. I consulted with a lactation specialist who was so inspired by my determination and told me that that’s what it takes, you have to really want to breastfeed for it to work out, which is what I truly want, exclusively. I only will use formula if I have to supplement, but otherwise I want to strictly breastfeed my baby mostly because it’s the healthiest for her, but also because it does establish a bonding relationship with you and your baby that just feels like pure love, and I want that with me and Natalia. So I have a $700 hospital grade breast pump that I’m using FOR FREE for a week-2 weeks just because my lactation specialist wants to help me because she sees how bad I want this. Unfortunately Natalia and I had a rough start, but now that things are back to normal we are going to work this out to both of our benefits. My advice to anybody else out there with this problem is to never give up on the things that you truly want. I am proud to say that Natalia has gotten MUCH better about latching on (although she still needs some improvement) and I am finally being able to produce enough milk to catch up with her needs. (:

Bringing Natalia Home <3

Bringing Natalia Home ❤

Natalia & I Now (:

Natalia & I Now (:


Pregnancy Post #22 – 41 Weeks

2013-03-24_10-05-44_304 2013-03-24_09-51-08_298

*41 Weeks & 2 Days Pregnant Today
*150 lbs. – 40 lbs. Gained Since Pre-Pregnancy

Well, still no baby. I’m getting so impatient! But I’m trying to keep calm and not think about it so much because I know she will be here very soon. As a matter of fact she won’t be here no later than Monday because yesterday my Doctor told me that if she hasn’t come yet, they will have to induce me. Jacob and I went to my doctor appointment yesterday because I was 41 weeks yesterday and Ms. Marlene wanted to do a fetal stress test (NST – No Stress Test) to make sure that the baby wasn’t stressed out which would be the reason she hasn’t come yet. I don’t know exactly if the results were good or bad, but I was sent to the hospital right after. She sent me to the hospital to do a labor test because as I got my pelvic exam done before the NST, Ms. Marlene sweeped my cervix and stripped the membranes. When she was done I started leaking blood. Because of the blood, she wanted me sent to the hospital to make sure that it wasn’t something to do with the placenta and just her irritating my cervix, because if I was bleeding internally, they would have to induce me right away to keep from infection.

When we got to the hospital, they did something similar to a pap smear and sent my results to the lab. 30 minutes later they came back and told me everything was fine and that my water had not broken yet. At that point they sent me home. I got a little taste of what it’s going to be like when I’m actually in the hospital giving birth. The nurses there were very nice and asked me all kinds of health questions. When they asked me about the vaccinations (offering them to me and asking if they were up to date) I politely refused and told them no they were not up to date and I didn’t plan on getting any because I’m against them. The doctor’s did not seem to care, which I was grateful for because I expected them to push them on me since that’s what most doctors do. I then overheard a conversation the nurses had with each other saying that vaccinations were no longer going to be protocol and the nurse made a comment saying “good, they don’t need to be”. This reassures me that I’m obviously not the only one who is against vaccines which I am very happy to hear because the last thing I want to do immediately after giving birth is have to fight for my right not to vaccinate my baby with a doctor. I don’t think I will have to do that at this hospital. (:

After leaving the hospital Jacob and I went on a very long and bumpy ride, took a long walk, got something spicy to eat, he gave me a massage, we tried to do every natural way to induce me because I read forums from other women who had their membranes ruptured by the doctor and they all said that they went into labor within 49 hours, some on the same day. So we were expecting that to happen. But no, it’s the next day and Jacob already left Lake City to go to work in Jacksonville since he missed work yesterday to be with me at my appointment. I, as well as everybody else, believe that the full moon tomorrow night will help bring the baby into the world. I’m really hoping so because I would hate for them to induce me. I’ve read all kinds of things about being induced with Pitocin and I’m not very excited about what I read and what will be having to look forward to if that’s the route I’m going to be asked to take by my doctors. But I’m not too worried about it because somehow I have a feeling she will be here no later than Friday. I’m going to continue going about my day normally and doing normal activities. But if anything changes, expect a blog about it! ❤

Single Mom-To-Be & Loving It. (:

singleparentI’ve decided to share my thoughts about how I feel being a single mom-to-be. I guess I will save the best for last and start with the bad. The truth is, there is no bad side of this, for me anyways. The only thing that I think is sad about my situation is that unfortunately, my daughter will grow up without a father. Although most people would probably call me selfish not to have the father in the baby’s life, I beg to differ. I actually think it is very unselfish of me. As a matter of fact, it would be selfish of me to stay with the father, just so my daughter could say she grew up with both of her parents. Having both of the parents in the household is the best for any child, of course who would argue with that? However, if the parents are unhappy, hardly get along and argue about everything, what good can that be for the child? Would it be fair for the child to grow up around unhappy parents who fight all the time? I don’t think so.


In my case, I have MORE than enough reasons not to be with the father and to raise my daughter by myself. A violent and drug-affiliated criminal background, a financially irresponsible person that has countless debts and an impulsive person who does not think before they speak or act around a child, let alone their own, that they already have with another woman, is not the ideal fatherly role model that I want to have around my daughter, that’s for sure. Now those are a few of the many without a doubt, true to the fact FACTS about _____ , as far as my opinion about him goes? I will leave those comments to myself as I do not want to bash my baby’s daddy on the public internet.

I can honestly and 100% truthfully say that I am enjoying (so far) playing the role of mommy and daddy. It gives me a strong sense of independence and the feeling that I can do anything and everything. I can spend all the time in the world doing whatever it is that I want without worrying about the approval or the acceptance of anybody else. Now that I don’t have a man around to distract me, I can finally get to know myself better and figure all things out in my life without the input or influence of anybody else. I can spend ALL my time on me and my daughter. I am the ultimate chooser of what her name will be, how/where she will attend school, how she will be brought up, her morals, etc. I love the idea of not having to share any of those responsibilities. Now of course, if the father wants to be a part of the child’s life, or vice versa, I will not/never prevent that. I think it would be wonderful for my daughter to have a “healthy” relationship with her father, know who he is and spend time with him. But from the looks of it, based on the no help received or interest about what goes on with the child, it doesn’t seem like I will have to worry about that part for now, until she grows older and starts to ask about her daddy. At that point, I will have more knowledge, circumstances will be different (hopefully so will he) and will be able to handle that situation accordingly. I do not plan on going after him for child support unless I’m completely poor and have zero money. If you knew him, you would know why! I don’t have any worries about not being capable of taking care of my daughter. I know in my heart that I will have everything I need to support my baby without daddy’s help. He has not helped since we found out I was pregnant anyways. Besides, he is such a difficult person to deal with, that it would give me headache, heartache, and stress to even have to communicate with him, especially if it deals with money. So it’s actually in my best emotional interest to just stay away completely! I will always have the option of making his life more difficult by coming after him for money, but I’m just not that type of person. I will not need to make his life difficult anymore than it already is because he does that on his own.

1351030360504_6986131Now this is just my own personal story about why I am a single parent-to-be. As far as anybody else, my best advice to them would be to do whatever it is that makes them happy, NO MATTER WHAT THE DECISION IS. If it makes you happy being with the father, then be with him. If it would make you happy to be without the father, then be without him. If you are not sure, you just know that in your present situation, you are not happy, change the situation to make yourself happy. When you are happy, your baby is happy, point blank. When you are unhappy, your child will be unhappy. But of course right? Your baby looks up to you and learns everything from you. You are setting the example for them. What good are you doing for them if you are not doing good for yourself?! That’s what I have finally learned and come to realize when people say “love yourself first,”, “always make sure you love yourself or you cannot love others,” “make your well-being your number one priority”. Now I know what all these wise quotes mean; and I’m so happy about it! I have complete confidence that I will have a wonderful rest of my pregnancy (as I have been since I left _____ ), that I will have an easy, fast labor with no complications, and that I will bring into the world the most beautiful and happy baby girl, and she will always be that.

Mother silhouette with babyEven when I was having (the few) joyous “happy” moments with my baby’s father, I still have never been as happy with him as I am now without him. And I would have never known about how happy I could make myself if I had made the stupid decision to stay with somebody that I know (and have known) would NEVER work out. I take full responsibility for my decisions. I knew at the beginning that this relationship was not such a good idea (I had just gotten out of one, me and baby daddy already had a past, and he pressured me into it-first red flag!), I knew when we decided we were going to get married that that was not such a bright idea (Thank God for not letting that happen although we tried, twice), and I knew, as time passed since we tried to get married, that things were still not working and could assume that it never would, based on our arguments and the way we fought, but I was naïve to my heart, and I decided to stay with the m*f-er anyways, which then resulted in having a baby with him. So it is completely my fault for allowing all of this to happen to me because I made all of the decisions that contributed to the result.

I would not change a thing about what I have done, because this little life inside of me has given me the inspiration I needed to better myself, my life, and my decision making skills. I seriously have never in my life felt so positive and completely good about myself, and everything in my life follows. The feeling is AMAZING. I am so proud of myself! I finished school in 2 months and graduated with a 3.6 GPA (which I could have never done staying with _____ because he would never give me time to myself, especially when he was around). I’m preparing for college 3 months after Natalia is born (which would have never happened if I stayed with him-it probably would have started out that way, but it would then change to him complaining of working all the time and not me, which was happening already). I also developed wonderful financial organizing skills to make sure I have the means to accommodate Natalia before, when and after she gets here (which also would have never happened being with an irresponsible, no money-management having ass that shared all the money and money-decisions!) As you can see, I’ve learned (the hard way) that if things are like this now, they’re going to be like this then, and not only that but it will only get worse. Now this of course is not the same for everybody, it really depends on the person and their willingness to change. But my baby daddy is 6 years older than me and set in his ways, not to mention he is very closed-minded, so there is no changing anything about that.

imagesAnother thing that I have learned is that when you have the right attitude and are in the right positive state of mind, there is no need to worry, because the universe takes care of everything for you. Now this statement can be contradicting. How can the bills get paid if you’re not working? What I’m trying to say is, when you are doing everything that you are supposed to do and you are positive about it, things work out in your favor. They actually turn out better than you expected. And you also get things when you least expect it. I’ve noticed that most people (that I know of) are afraid of the unknown, thus living in this “fear” holds them back from doing whatever it is that they want to do. How am I going to make money? How am I going to put food on the table? What table?! How am I going to get a place for me and my children to live? And all the like. Don’t let fear control you! If you don’t know how things will turn out, then why assume things wouldn’t?! How do you know that things could actually turn out a heck of a lot better than the way things are right now? You have to just take a chance and trust that everything will be alright, and they will. I don’t care what your situation is or what the circumstances are, you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. And if you have a child/children, they should be even more of a reason for you to do what’s right for you and your child/children. I have so many young friends who are mothers that willfully choose to be unhappy with their baby daddy’s and husbands, and I think it’s so sad. Why do that to yourself? You have no idea how it’s affecting your kids. They can still have the father in their lives if that’s what you’re worried about. You can still make it on your own as long as you want to. Don’t be so hopeless! Don’t give up on yourselves just because you made some mistakes. Make things right, if not for yourself, do it for your children. There are so many options out there, so much financial aid you can apply for, so many help centers that you can turn to that will help you to get on your feet. All it takes is for you to decide what you want, and then do what you need to do to make that happen, and the universe WILL help you, that’s just how it works.

l_101068735Anyways, I would have loved more than anything to have a baby with a father who would be to her what my father was to me (not necessarily, but you get the point). Unfortunately Fortunately, that will not be the case for Natalia. In the end, she will be much better off with her happy single mommy than she would be with her unhappy mommy and unhappy daddy together. And who knows?! Maybe some guy will come into the picture that will be everything to her that her daddy wasn’t/could never be. ;D

Now I DEFINITELY don’t want to have to worry about a relationship or men for a looooooong time after everything I’ve been through. I want to focus on figuring myself out, get into college, get a government job with benefits and job security so I can provide for my daughter in every way, and spend the rest of my time caring for her, spending time with her and watching her grow into the beautiful lady that she will become. I am so extremely happy about all of this. I’m patiently waiting for her arrival and feel myself getting more and more anxious to meet her every single day. ❤

Pregnancy Post #10 – 29 Weeks


28 Weeks Pregnant
– Body Shot –

Today I am officially 29 weeks and 2 days pregnant, and I’m in the last lap of this race! The third trimester is definitely bringing me some of the best and some not-the-best feelings. I have gained a total of 27 pounds so far and am continuing to grow to support my developing baby. My feelings and emotions are definitely all over the place; I feel like my mind never sleeps. Nothing bad or anything, just a bunch of anxiety and anticipation about a few things, like labor being right around the corner, planning the baby shower, packing the hospital bag, putting the nursery together – on top of – applying for grants, loans and other assistance, keeping the house in a comfortable order, and completing all my other daily activities. I feel like everything is creeping up on me all at the same time! But not to worry, I am expressing all these roller-coaster emotions by blogging, reading positive, uplifting things, and doing my prenatal yoga almost every day. These activities help to keep my mind off of the things that need to be done and instead exchanges those feelings for thoughts of comfort – like knowing that things will get done when they need to be. As a result, I have become a master at controlling my anxiety.

I really want to talk about one of the biggest highlights of my pregnancy so far since my last post:
This morning, while I was reading aloud, I saw the baby moving in my belly. I read out loud to Natalia because I found out that babies learn in utero before they’re even born. Also because my pregnancy tracker app suggests that I read, sing or talk to my baby a few minutes a day. Anyways, I put my hand on this lump, because one side of my belly is bigger than the other, and when I pressed down, it must have startled her because she started moving like crazy! My belly started rumbling and shaking, almost vibrating, there was so much going on in there! It literally made me laugh out loud. So I took a break from reading and started to play back with her. I would push her and she would move, and then she’d kick me just to see if I would push her back, and I would. It was such an unfamiliar wonderful moment that filled my entire body with love and happiness. It truly is the best feeling in the world to have this kind of bonding interaction with my unborn baby. She makes me the happiest mom in the world!


Photo from Google Images

Natalia is EXTREMELY active; I feel her moving all throughout the day, every single day. I feel like I know everything about her, from her minutes of play time to her cycles of sleep, to her telling me she’s hungry or when she just wants me to talk to her. She wakes me up in the morning before I do, and she keeps me up when I’m ready to sleep. She has periods of outrageous movement, causing me to twitch, jump, and jerk most of the time. It really takes my breath away. In the past few weeks I have been feeling so much intense fetal movement that it’s as if she’s turning inside of me, and I can feel everything. It’s absolutely amazing to know that I can actually feel her turning and where her body parts are located inside of me. The fact that the last ultrasound Dr. told us exactly where the baby is located helps also.

pregnant cartoon3

Photo from Google Images

My BIGGEST relief: getting closer to not being pregnant anymore. I’m really starting to miss sleeping on my stomach and being able to bend over without straining for breath or space. The morning sickness and non-stop trips to the bathroom are two additional things I’m looking forward to NOT having to do. I’m even more excited about getting closer and closer to meeting Natalia and holding her for the first time! I can tell it’s going to be very emotional for me and I’ll probably cry; but they will be tears of joy and happiness. My eagerness to becoming a mother has brought out some of my “newly discovered” natural motherly instincts already. I see myself noticing children everywhere, the way they act, talk and respond to their environment, the way their parents treat them, feeling sorry about crying children and babies. What a change! I never used to notice these things. It’s funny how experiences like this can change everything about you (well, not everything).

Yesterday morning I attended my Pregnancy Care Class that I go to every two weeks. I watched a video about the kinds of things to expect during the third trimester including labor and delivery. It was a very informational video that I learned a lot from, and it was accompanied by a set of questions about the DVD and then another set of questions about my personal third trimester experience. Every time I attend a class and complete a questionnaire, I receive “mommy money” which entitles me to their resource room where I can use  the “mommy money” to buy diapers, formula, baby clothes, toys, etc. It is such a helpful place that I am fortunate enough to have discovered and is conveniently located 15-20 minutes away from my house. I am very appreciative of this class that is available to me for free. It’s not even as crowded as I would expect it to be! I guess it’s because I live in a small town area with few people, which I think is one of the greatest benefits of living in the country.

Next week I’m going to start planning the next baby project: my baby shower. The invitations, the location, the decorations, everything! I’m very excited about this part. Luckily I have a few girlfriends who are going to help me out, so it won’t be so stressful for me. I also have to update my baby registry so that I make sure that everything I will need is going to be on there for people to see. I’m very happy with my pregnancy, the way things have been going for me and baby, and the exciting new things that are to come.


29 Weeks Pregnant – Lazy Pic (:

A Work In Progress

As I have mentioned in several of my other posts, I’m reading this AMAZING book that teaches you how to manifest your desires. It inspired me to make this “Creation Box” project that it talks about and so I felt like blogging about my progress! I got paid a couple days ago and went out to the store to buy some supplies that I would need to make the box exactly how I imagined it. I want it to be a representation of everything I like, so I bought some animal print fabric, sparkly sheer fabric, hot pink ribbon, loose glitter, decorative bows, acrylic gems, rhinestones, buttons, glue, my favorite sharpie pens to write with, and there’s still a couple more items I want to purchase. As you can tell, I’m a total girly girl and I love all things pink and sparkly! I think I might be spending a little more money than I should on such a simple project, but I am totally okay with it because for one, I can afford it (fortunately with the help of my financial planner) and two, I want to go all out and put all my creativity into this box because I’m THAT excited about it. After a few minutes of brainstorming I created a mental picture of exactly how I want my box to look and wrote it all down in my notepad. I want the entire box to be covered in a plaid, quilt style with a mixture of different animal prints. Then I want to outline the edges with hot pink ribbon, add some rhinestones in the middle of each corner where a new pattern begins, and make a big pretty fabric bow to glue on top. I want to use my font skills to draw “Whatever is contained in this box – IS!” in really pretty letters covered in glitter. Then I want to decorate the inside too, so it looks pretty when I open the box. I want to decorate the underneath of the lid with pretty paper that says “Laura’s Creative Wish Box”. And on the very bottom I want it to say “It never ends”. I want to put this saying on the bottom because it’s “the end” of the box and as I have learned from Abraham’s teachings that I’m reading, it never ends. You never stop desiring new things, that’s how the world expands and that’s how we, as souls, evolve.

All my supplies (:

All my supplies (:

I also had this great idea to get some decorative stones that look sort of like diamonds, preferably pink, to put in my box. I want to do this to add some pizazz and also so I can tape my clippings to a toothpick and stick it in the stones so they stick straight up. I just think it would make the box look better, more organized, personal and creative. The only problem is, I can’t find them anywhere! Lake City, FL. is a very small town so there are not many options of stores for me to find these stones that I want so bad. I looked at every store, every craft section, looked it up all over google-couldn’t find them. I found some on google but they were WAY too expensive, and I’m just not going to pay more than $10 for some rocks…

Fortunately for me, I found them yesterday on (where they have EVERYTHING you can imagine). Not only did they have the EXACT color stones I was looking for, but they had a 2000 count for less than 6 bucks! I was so ecstatic about finally finding the rocks I was so desperately looking everywhere for, and then came to the conclusion that the Law of Attraction really does work! And since I’ve been feeling so good and positive about everything lately, it worked in less than 48 hours for me! I really could not believe how fast it came to me exactly what I wanted. I didn’t think about how I was going to get it or where or when, I just kept thinking to myself “I want these stones so bad. They will make my box PERFECT, just the way I want it. I’m going to find them somewhere. It will make me so happy to buy the very thing that will complete the perfection of my box.” Sure enough, I found the exact ones I was looking for. So I ordered 2 of them for almost $11.00, free shipping! Anddddddd, they will be delivered to my house in a week, which is great because everything else I have been ordering on Amazon has been taking almost a month to be delivered due to the fact that they are being shipped from out of the country. I love that I can make things happen for myself just like that. I’m going to use the same way I attracted these rocks to my life, to attract even bigger things, such as a car, into my experience and see how quick that happens for me. I’m thrilled to have found ways to make my life exactly how I want it to be and I will be applying this in every aspect of it. I think it would be in everybody’s best interest to try this Law of Attraction way of thinking to improve their life. But start with small things, because that will give you the confidence to know that it works and then attract bigger things into your life, like I did with the decorative rocks. I am still in progress of making this box, but as soon as I’m done, there will be plenty of pictures to show you guys how cute it turned out!

The Box Lid, Almost Finished!

The Box Lid, Almost Finished!

Underneath The Lid, Still Working On It!

Underneath The Lid, Still Working On It!

The rest of the box.

The rest of the box.

Putting Fabric on the Box. This is a little tedious because I'm using silk fabric. ($2 on sale!)

Putting Fabric on the Box. This is a little tedious because I’m using silk fabric. ($2 on sale!)

A New Era, A New Year, A New Me.

12December 21, 2012 AKA: End of the world, Dooms Day, Etc. Etc. I prefer to look at it more like the end of the world “as is”. In other words, our way of life will be different, not completely vanished. I noticed that a lot of people had mixed emotions about this date, especially when everybody woke up the very next day feeling as if NOTHING had changed. Many people were glad, many people said “told ya so, the world’s not going to end! Those stupid Mayans!”, while others were very upset, mad even, because they made all kinds of preparations and spent all kinds of money getting ready for this “big day”. I don’t blame them, however I don’t think that they should necessarily be mad about it. I mean at least they would have been ready for whatever it is that would have happened if it did compared to the ones that didn’t believe at all and would have been caught off guard and unprepared.

I believe that this event, this change, whatever it may be will still happen. I think the change is more planetary and astrological more than anything. I haven’t really figured it all out yet but I’m in the process of learning more about our planets and the planetary activity that has such a great influence on the events that happen in our world i.e. natural disasters, moon and sun activity, people’s emotional vibrational shifts, so on and so forth. Supposedly there are planetary activities that occur every some thousands of years that will affect everything and everybody, and THAT is what the Mayans predicted would happen on the date: 12/21/12. So I’m all of a sudden interested in learning about all this cool new stuff thats going to affect everything!

So this is the new era, the new year, a brand new me. I feel it in my entire being, some kind of change, an enlightenment almost. And it’s all thanks to the wonderful book I’ve been reading “Ask And It Is Given”. Coincidentally, I finished part one in the nick of time, right before 12/21/2012. Part 1 was an introduction to the information that I “already knew, but had forgotten” and now that I remember, Part 2 is going to explain the processes on how to manifest all my desires, gradually. I’m so much looking forward to learning exactly how to do what I’ve been practicing since I’ve started learning this new information, and what a perfect time to learn it huh?! One of the most important things I have learned throughout my reading is that “Unwanted things cannot jump into your experience uninvited”. We attract everything that happens in our experiences through the law of attraction. Most people don’t know about this law of the universe, and they don’t know that it is the very law that defines EVERYTHING in our world, thus not knowing how or why things in their life happen, or how. I learned that we invite everything that happens to us into our experience whether we do it consciously or not. So now I am learning how to take control of my thoughts and emotions in a manner that will attract everything I desire to my life. This is the most resonating information I have ever received! Now I have a complete understanding of how things happen to me and why! Which means anything that I don’t like, I have the power to change, whenever I want. That’s the greatest news I have ever heard! There are so many wonderful things in this book that I would love to write about, but then I would probably end up writing my own book about the book, lol!

Another important thing that I have learned through my reading is to remember that:

  • The thoughts you think equal your point of attraction.
  • You get what you think about, whether you want it or not. (Makes perfect sense, it’s the law of physics!)
  • Your thoughts equal vibration, and that vibration is then answered by the Law of Attraction.
  • As your vibration expands and becomes more powerful it eventually becomes powerful enough for manifestation to occur.
  • In other words, what you think about (and therefore feel), and what manifests in your experience is always a vibrational match.

So In remembering these things, I can apply them to all my thoughts and learn which thoughts make me feel good and which ones do not. Which ever thoughts feel bad, get thrown out the door, out of sight out of mind. And the ones that make me feel good, I think about them constantly, and I put a lot of thought into it because it is that continuous thinking of a thought that manifests it.

Don’t be afraid of your thoughts, learn to control them.

People don’t take the time to consider their feelings because they have been taught, from birth, not to. But this new coming of age, this enlightenment and inner transition that not only I but the rest of the world is awakening to will change all of that, thus change the world. We are the future, we are co-creators of this universe, we created this universe, so we need to create the change. We need to take control and create the kind of world we want to live in, which is a world of nothing but pure positive energy. I really like the sound of that. (:

Here is a positive excerpt to ponder on:

Sometimes our physical friends will say, “I’m stuck! I’ve been in this place for a very long time, and I can’t get out of it. I’m stuck!” And we always explain that it is not possible to stand still or be stuck, because Energy, and therefore life, is always in motion. Things are always changing. But the reason it may feel to you as if you are stuck is because, while you are continuing to think the same thoughts, things are changing-but they are changing to the same thing over and over. If you want things to change to different things, you must think different thoughts. And that simply requires finding unfamiliar ways of approaching familiar subjects. (Ask And It Is Given – pg. 96)